Just A Little More weight

To the bar that is. Remember that your body will always adapt to whatever you’re doing. So always switch it up a bit, more weight or less weight and more reps – always push your body to the limit and test yourself. I promise you will never regret it afterwards.

Shoes off – Deadlift time

Today I added just a bit more to my bench- I had more time to rest and I felt stronger. I lifted during the middle of the day, not my normal routine, so I had already had breakfast in me. Like I said in previous post, I’ve heard of some lifting in a fasted state and others who can only lift after they have had something to eat before. I have done both, although I haven’t decided or figured out which my body likes. I can say, that I do feel stronger lifting after I have ate something but I understand working out in a fasted state burns more.

It was a great workout today I feel good and I love the consistency of my “me time.”

Funniest moment

We got married? Ha! Not quite. When I get a chance I share my pictures on Facebook. Will and I attended a beautiful wedding last night. We don’t dress up often and so I decided to take some pictures of us and share them with our friends and family on Facebook. It was just a picture of us, not the bride and groom so I decided to share that we were at the most romantic wedding, which it was.

Little did I know…that most people thought Will and I got MARRIED. Just got a phone call from my boss thinking that I had got married! So funny, I laughed and laughed and said, no that’s not us, just some friends. Looking at the pictures I can guess that it may have looked like we were at a court house maybe? Will looked very handsome in his tux for sure, but I just want my friends to know that if I did get married- this dress would not be the chosen one.

Will and I are living the rebel life, we have been together 10 years, 11 this July- and we just never got around to “get married.” When we were younger it was always “lets wait till we have the money, lets wait till we finish school..” Then we had a health scare with me- and I wanted Xander more than any wedding ceremony could give us. All these years, Will has given me everything I could have ever wanted in a partner, trust, compassion, and all the love. Will we get married? Probably, I can’t tell you if we will elope to Vegas or have the Beach wedding I use to want when I was 18, we are just taking things day by day.

I just wanted to share though, how funny a picture, and a few words can really make someone think differently!


Here are the pictures to view larger:

A quickie

Workout that is. Today was weightlifting day…and I did it early in the AM..fasted. It’s very different weight lifting without any calories in you than it is when there is food in you. You feel stronger with more energy when you lift with food in you. I have heard many things about both, I always suggest to do what makes you feel more comfortable. Now that I have done both, I have to say, I may have to wait till I have had breakfast or even lunch time to weight lift. My goal is to lift heavy – building muscle so I need energy to do so. Or I can always quickly make some eggs and toast to eat before my lifting- these are things I need to figure out.

I can always run fasted, that’s never been a problem for me, actually I prefer it. I woke up a little later than usual today, so I had to work out quicker. I thought about doing less weight, but since I have too much pride, I didn’t. I stuck with the same weight I have been lifting. Surprisingly I finished before work, I felt good and I felt stronger. I could tell the difference being fasted but I could still tell how much stronger I’m getting and its only been a week of my consisted lifting and running.

Consistency. I made it a full Monday to Friday lifting and running. This may be nothing to you – but to me it means a whole lot. Being a mother and working full time keeping consistent was something I struggled with ever since I became a mother.

I own a Charge HR and I wear it as my daily accessory

I owe my FitBit friends a big thank you. Recently FitBit community has upgraded their social network. Adding friends has never been so easy and communicating with others about your fitness goals is very inspiring. I’ve added over 20 friends just this week and we all have been encouraging others to reach our own personal goals. This is no competition, the only competitor you have is yourself. I’m not here to promote FitBit, I just have one, but I do recommend opening your social network and surround yourself by others who have the same goals as you do- to improve your fitness and health.

Do you have a Fitbit or some other type of pedometer? I’ve heard the Nike bands and Apple watches are amazing too! Please share with me what motivates you!


Slowly but surely

I’m focusing on getting my energy back. Focusing on getting my momentum going. When you’re a Mother, and work full time – things get hard, very hard. Hard does not mean you can’t do it, just means you have to find your own way to get through.

Here I am 7 months pregnant doing my favorite workout – overhead squat.


Train smarter, not harder is my goal. I have to give myself a certain amount of time before work, before Xander gets up for the day, before the world starts. Before, I had all the time in the world, now my time is even more valuable. I’ve been working on my push/pull method of lifting weights alternating days and incorporating high intensity cardio every other day. I focus on lifting heavier than normal with the rest days given.

My workout goes as this:


  • Deadlift
  • Bench
  • Squat
  • Olympic Ring Pull up


  • HIIT Cardio 30 – 45 min

Now I can workout all day- its not a problem, but remember – you can never out work a bad diet. I’m focusing on low healthy carbs with a cheat meal given on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Water is SO important. I can’t stress that enough. I try my best and everything to drink as much water as I can.

Working out is my favorite past time- it gives me peace and completely clears my mind

Consistency is key. Even if it isn’t routine, I learned that consistency is what keeps you going. There are some days I can’t work out early in the AM (because my son was up all night) so I’ll workout in the evening. You make time for what’s most important to you.

It was a good weightlifting day, lifting early in the AM (fasted) is very different from lifting in the evening after having some food. I’ve kept my log up so I know where I am at and how much I will improve in lifting.

Thanks for stopping by – do you have a fitness plan/diet you would like to share?



Happy Easter

We hope everyone had a safe and Happy Easter.

Xander didn’t sleep too well the night before, and we had family over. He didn’t quite get the sleep he really wanted. These were probably the fastest pictures I have ever taken with him, literally only took 5 min. He was not in a good mood and I was able to capture none of that…except this one.


He was just SO done with pictures then!!


What truly inspires you? What gets your feet out the bed? What exactly talks you out of NOT calling out of work? We all have different inspirations; idols, celebrities, family, and it all comes down to one thing: what matters to you.

Meet my inspiration.

Only weighing at 26 pounds and being on this earth for 17 months….this kid moves mountains for me.

Alexander Sarin Robinson entered our lives November 2nd, 2015- and our world hasn’t been the same. We have learned so much since Xander came in our lives.

Follow me in my adventures of the not so perfect mother…all my mistakes and accomplishments, even if its making it through the day without getting food or milk on me…