Just A Little More weight

To the bar that is. Remember that your body will always adapt to whatever you’re doing. So always switch it up a bit, more weight or less weight and more reps – always push your body to the limit and test yourself. I promise you will never regret it afterwards.

Shoes off – Deadlift time

Today I added just a bit more to my bench- I had more time to rest and I felt stronger. I lifted during the middle of the day, not my normal routine, so I had already had breakfast in me. Like I said in previous post, I’ve heard of some lifting in a fasted state and others who can only lift after they have had something to eat before. I have done both, although I haven’t decided or figured out which my body likes. I can say, that I do feel stronger lifting after I have ate something but I understand working out in a fasted state burns more.

It was a great workout today I feel good and I love the consistency of my “me time.”

Funniest moment

We got married? Ha! Not quite. When I get a chance I share my pictures on Facebook. Will and I attended a beautiful wedding last night. We don’t dress up often and so I decided to take some pictures of us and share them with our friends and family on Facebook. It was just a picture of us, not the bride and groom so I decided to share that we were at the most romantic wedding, which it was.

Little did I know…that most people thought Will and I got MARRIED. Just got a phone call from my boss thinking that I had got married! So funny, I laughed and laughed and said, no that’s not us, just some friends. Looking at the pictures I can guess that it may have looked like we were at a court house maybe? Will looked very handsome in his tux for sure, but I just want my friends to know that if I did get married- this dress would not be the chosen one.

Will and I are living the rebel life, we have been together 10 years, 11 this July- and we just never got around to “get married.” When we were younger it was always “lets wait till we have the money, lets wait till we finish school..” Then we had a health scare with me- and I wanted Xander more than any wedding ceremony could give us. All these years, Will has given me everything I could have ever wanted in a partner, trust, compassion, and all the love. Will we get married? Probably, I can’t tell you if we will elope to Vegas or have the Beach wedding I use to want when I was 18, we are just taking things day by day.

I just wanted to share though, how funny a picture, and a few words can really make someone think differently!


Here are the pictures to view larger: