Finding your Google Analytics ID

Written by Michelle

I’m new to blogging- so if I had an issue finding anything new about my blog, I’ll share if I can help anyone else out!

I always have my Google Adsense up – so I can see where my blog stats are and where I need improvement at – its great to help you grow. What I didn’t realize that I couldn’t find my Google Analytic ID!

Here is how to find it:

  • First sign into your analytics account (You can simply type in analytics account in the web bar and surprisingly you might have already been signed in and waiting for you!)
  • Find Admin, click.
  • Find Account column and if you have more than one Acct, click on the one you are inquiring the ID about.
  • Under the Property column, there is a menu underneath.
  • Find the Tracking Info, click on that and also Tracking Code.

Really easy – and good use to let you track your blog! I hope that really helped!

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