Mashed Cauliflower

I have to share my most favorite vegetable. Cauliflower can be made so many different ways and so delicious. I recommend Mashed Cauliflower if you choose to do a low carb lifestyle diet change. It’s yummy and so satisfying!

I can not share the exact recipe on here, because this is what I did. I went on Pinterest and searched the best way I can replace mashed potatoes. I found mashed cauliflower and I read a couple of recipes and decided to add my own way of cooking and amount of bacon and butter that I will add. Here is the recipe of some mashed cauliflower that I did look at.

Cauliflower comes cut up for you!! No, not just the broken into crowns, they are chopped like riced cauliflower. It’s great isn’t it? I recommend it, especially if you don’t have a lot time like this mommy does – I actually took these photos and made this while my son crawled around my legs wanting my attention.

First, cook your bacon. This is my most favorite part of mashed cauliflower, so I use an entire package of bacon. Plus, I save the bacon grease to flavor vegetables or my chicken – its soo yummy! Set aside bacon.

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.

In a large pot add just a bit of water and add the cauliflower (I do not microwave it) once the cauliflower gets warm, I  use a potatoe masher and mashed the riced vegetable as much as I can. Here, you have a choice, you can put your cauliflower (with butter) in a blender, or if you are like me, I like more consistency in my mashed cauliflower, just like I do with mashed potatoes. Here, add about 2 cups of cheese, 1 cup of sour cream, and 1/4 cup of butter, mix together. Then add your bacon chopped up.

Place your mashed cauliflower in a dish and place in oven for about 15 min.

Take out and there you have it – your mashed cauliflower! Delicious!

Week Five

I’m really giving up on weight. How many times have you said that? Concerns about your weight is that horrible ex that keeps coming back and is no good for you.

It’s Week Five and I’m ecstatic about  my results! Giving up on weight, have to..why? I’ve been secretly weighing myself daily- and I WISH I could have wrote down my weight Saturday- now THAT was a good weigh in day. Today, seems like I’ve gained 2 more pounds except I also have to consider the fact that I’m taking more water weight in – with my new drink – Apple Cider Vinegar -Lemon.

Count your macros! Here’s my favorite- mashed cauliflower!

I have dropped down another half inch from my waist. Compared my pictures and now I’m starting to see the difference. What is that saying, it takes 4 weeks for YOU to see your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends and family, and it takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world- DON’T GIVE UP. It’s a great saying. I’ll have to use that as my feature image for you guys. Reading my past keto weeks- you would thought that I would have given up, but I’m not going to.

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It’s going to be real hard, summer is here, and we are making lots of trips to the pool and lots of small vacations with the family…it’s hard being on keto. What’s harder is explaining to family what kind of diet you are doing, the first thing they say “oh yea, that low carb business..” Well yes and no – I always begin my sentence. It’s SO much different than that. Ever since I started Keto, I have learned so much of what to eat and not to eat, and I learned so much about my macros and how close I am to my normal weight how everything affects it.

Plan in the future

I think I found the one. I’m ready to walk down the alter with it. Yes, the ketosis diet, I’m ready. When you have been using carbs for fuel your entire life, it takes a long long time for your body to adapt to using fat for fuel and not depend on carbs. Now you’re asking “Are you ever going to eat carbs again?” Of course I am! Also, I’m moving soon – with a bigger kitchen and I’m starting to learn my mother’s native country (Cambodia) cooking. Which Cambodia main source of food is starch, rice. It’s cheap, and fed a lot of mouths, and the love that pours into my soul when I eat it. I plan to fully have my body adapted to fat, while working out, and be able to carb cycle, making sure my body is adapted properly. It will be tough in August, but I know I can make it through.


Thanks for stopping by and following me on my Keto Journey!


How I use Vinegar to clean my containers

Who else uses Vinegar like this? I use Vinegar to clean almost everything in the house. Mainly I use vinegar to clean my containers that I hold milk in for the baby. Let’s face it, as much as a super mom I would like to be, sometimes I forget to clean milk immediately out of a container. We all have smelled that…YUCK.

I normally use Distilled White Vinegar
Now I add just vinegar and water to the container and let sit for a day. It KILLS all the smell, make sure you have cleaned out the bottle first. You don’t have to add much vinegar, but however much vinegar you add, add twice as much water – and shake it around. After, cleanse it once more and there is no sour milk smell or vinegar smell!

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I’ve heard of others cleaning the garbage disposal with vinegar, even the toilet. Any other vinegar suggestions! I like to hear them!