Sewing in Shorts

This may be the easy way out of it. I was heavier when I was pregnant (naturally) with Xander and I’m proud to say, I’ve lost weight. So I have these shorts that I just LOVE. I adore these shorts, they are GAP brand and I love their material.

So I did my normal thing – and googled, pinterest, went on youtube. I sat there and I thought, yes, I can do this. So I’ll show you how I sewed in my shorts.

This is like my favorite pic…when you lost weight Right?

I Safety pin my jeans in place

Then I use chalk to draw out how much I want to cinch in, I use a measuring tape to size it.

Then simply sew. Here is the part that I’m going to say, do as I say, and not as I do. A sewing machine would be WONDERFUL. Plus you’re working with jeans, the material is a lot tougher. This time I worked with my hands, and I sewed with them, it took much longer but the results are still the same.

Fits perfect! I love it, and you can’t tell.

Now from the side, and thanks to my most awesome camera showing you every little detail in great focus- you can see where I have folded and sewed. Not unless you crook your neck and are about inches away from my bum, you’re not going to be able to see this. This works for me!

Have you tried this?


Catalina Island

We took a trip for Will’s Spring Break to visit our Uncle and Aunt in Corona, CA. California is such a beautiful place, I will always come back to visit. The food, the scenery and the people, such a different pace from Nashville and I like it!

Not only did we get to go to Disneyland (Xander’s first time) we got to visit Catalina Island. I fell in LOVE with the place. Lying southwest of Los Angeles, Santa Catalina is one of California’s Channel Islands. With a population of only 4 thousand people, I can tell why people would love to come visit here, get away, and have your own private vacation. We rode the Catalina Express, about an hour and half trip to get there and spent the day with the family.

There are no cars driven in Catalina – all golf carts in the city.

We rented golf carts and rode them around the place. They even had car seats for kids! Xander safely was secure while we drove around.

Here are some more pictures I got while riding around.

We were so lucky to have the opportunity to visit a place like Catalina Island. We even got to ride a boat that you can see at the bottom fish!

Here’s my favorite photo. A picture of me taking a picture of us, while getting a picture of Aunt Patty taking a picture of Uncle Jay!

Thank you for allowing me to share my trip to Catalina Island. I hope you enjoyed my pictures!

Week Seven

Wow. Is all I have to say. I never knew I’d be in keto this long. It was my anniversary last week and on that Thursday, I ate whatever I wanted. I deserved it. Having that cheat day, must have helped- I weighed in today, and still lost bit on my inches. My pictures are still looking good, so I am on the right track.

I had to do it right – a well deserved meal on my anniversary

Fitting my workouts in, I’m back to lifting and running- alternating days, giving myself 3 lifting days, and 3 running days- given one rest day. I feel good when I workout, I feel strong and I have energy. I have been drinking my Apple cider vinegar with Lemon and I feel as though it helps me with my appetite as well.

All is great since its been seven weeks, I think the hardest thing I’m struggling with is comparing my keto journey with others. No, I have not lost more than 20 pounds like most, and some days I just want to quit this. I’m holding on, as long as the measurement tape and pictures are telling me the truth. Not one body is alike and so diets will affect us all differently- I have to keep reminding myself that. Thanks for the follow and I would appreciate any encouraging words!

Week Six

Six Weeks? How could someone possible make it this long? I could not have imagine me going on with this diet for this long. The old Michelle would have broke by now. I survived Birthday parties, gatherings, and even the 4th of July. Speaking of, I hope everyone had safe and happy 4th of July.

I lost another half an inch from my waist. We aren’t even going to be speaking about my weight. I’m lifting like crazy, working out and my weight is fluctuating. That’s it. Monitoring my weight but not taking it to heart. I have to admit, I am looking up blogs, reads on everything and anything about keto. Why am I not losing weight fast enough? Am I even losing the water weight? I’m going to have to stop comparing myself to others. This is going to be really hard, but I have to stop it. I do see a difference in my pictures, and the measurement tape is not lying. Clothes are fitting looser and my hunger has decreased a huge amount since I started Keto.

Nothing but the bar. This workout is called a “good morning” a joke Will is always going to have with me.

Since I’ve been working out, I can tell that my diet has really adjusted to my body. No lightheaded feeling, hunger pains or anything. The past week I’ve been able to HIIT train lifting and running and I have no tiredness. I really do love this feeling I have, lots of energy.

The decrease in hunger surprises me. It’s strange, the feeling that I walk into the kitchen and I think, I should eat…but am I really hungry? Remember, don’t eat if you think you’re suppose to, eat when you are hungry, there is no reason to add calories to you diet just because you feel like you have to – a mistake I use to make the first time I tried to do Keto.

There. I made a blog and didn’t whine and complain about the amount of weight I did or did not lose. You really can’t do that to yourself. Something I have to remind myself over and over. Again, I appreciate the comments, the follow and the support.