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November 2017


Dennis the Menace Park

A park of memories. Will was so excited to show me the park he grew up in. “Wow,” I joked, they actually have that park still standing? Not very many of us gets to take our kids to our birthplace…


Midland, Tx

“What’s the correct way to answer your wife?” Uncle Jim asks Will. We’re having dinner in our Uncle and Aunts home in Midland,Tx. The next day will Be November 19th, 2017, exactly 34 years ago here in Midland, Tx Will…


Hair Change

I have been getting my hair colored professionally (consistently) for the past year. Having a 2 year old and a full time job, well you find yourself with the little time on your hands to take care of such things…

Michelle Mean Photography


Spontaneous. What I love most about taking family portraits, just spontaneous shots. Kids are so much fun. Scheduling shoots to be about an hour or so gives enough time for the kids and even adults warm up to the camera….

Michelle Mean Photography

Anthony Wedding

We were born with it and carry it with us at all time. It is priceless. Love. This is what I love most about weddings. It’s a unity where everyone gets together and celebrate love. I had so much fun…