My most fondest memory of my Birthday party was when I was 5 years old. My Mom dressed me up in my most best dress…very fluffy, very itchy. I felt like a little princess. My dad came home with so many balloons all just for me. It was a very very special day.

I recently just had a Birthday and I got to hang out with most dearest friends and family. I feel so lucky to have such loving people in my life. Sweet texts, and messages from social media all day can make a girl smile for a long time.

Xander wasn’t much into the cake, but he was interested in my candles.

We went to eat at Carrabas a favorite restaurant of mine. I wasn’t too happy with the seating situation, I had called earlier for the amount of people that were coming in, and we still waited for over an hour. I went to the one in Franklin, so I probably won’t be going to that one again, for awhile until management changes, and knowing the restaurant business like I do, it will change.

Highlight of my Birthday…

Such a lover of tattoos. On my actual Birthday, March 29th I went to get my tattoo I have been wanting this tattoo for years, I’m so glad I met Justin at the Solid Gold Gallery in Bowling Green, Ky. My Mother watched my son for me, and she really didn’t know exactly what I was doing…Mom is not a big fan of tattoos. So I’ll decide to show her when I do.

I’ll share my tattoo once it gets healed up!

I had dinner with my childhood best friend and I couldn’t have asked for such a wonderful night.

Lastly, I spent the weekend with my husband, my mother offered to watch my son for the weekend, and even though we had such a great time, we missed him so much!

We visited the Yazoo Brewery, a local brewery here in Nashville with the most delicious craft beers.

I had such a wonderful time for my birthday this year. It’s true. All you need is good friends, family and love. Thank you for all the Birthday wishes, it really is going to be such a good year.

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