Dennis the Menace Park

A park of memories. Will was so excited to show me the park he grew up in. “Wow,” I joked, they actually have that park still standing?

Not very many of us gets to take our kids to our birthplace and where you use to play and run.

Also, we were told our Mom, Aunts and Uncles use to play here when they were young! “More like a historical park,” our Uncle Jim would joke.

This looks dangerous. No way facilities would make equipment like this anymore. 😂

We met a friend along the way.

<< d Daddy got to push Xander on the swing. << nder wanted to run around more though. << re's my photo of the day. << is airplane looked like a lot of fun! So glad we got to spend a lot of time with our Uncle Jim and Aunt Shirley.

Midland, Tx

“What’s the correct way to answer your wife?” Uncle Jim asks Will.

We’re having dinner in our Uncle and Aunts home in Midland,Tx. The next day will Be November 19th, 2017, exactly 34 years ago here in Midland, Tx Will was born. We get to revisit homes, and places his mother grew up in.

So what’s the correct answer? “Yes Dear” says Uncle Jim with a wink. I take another bite of my delicious chicken fajitas that Aunt Shirley cooked and thought- “smart man”.

We are tired. We took a early early plane ride at 525AM just so we can arrive to see our family earlier. Not so sure if I’ll do that again. Xander has always been wonderful in planes. Actually, this is his third plane ride this year alone. But we always have to be mindful- Xander is getting older and that mind is getting more curious I was wondering if he rather walk around than sit in his seat.

At 2 years old, southwest requires you to buy the child their own ticket. Wonderful that us three get to sit together but the rules are, the child must be seat belted when required to. Xander did not like that. We were up early and Xander wanted nothing but to be in my lap. He cried, he wailed and we got a lot of dirty looks from passengers. It’s over now.

Our first visit we went to see Will’s grandparents house. Last time Will was there he was 6, so he vaguely remembers.

How cute I even got Xander in the shot!

We went to visit Aunt Shirley’s job after hours. I got a great of the city.

This is her view for work? Beautiful! I shot looking down- this is what I got..

I heard clicking and tapping- I turned to look and immediately start telling Xander to stop but wait is that-

TYPEWRITER?! It is! And according to Aunt Shirley it’s in great use.

Shirley’s job has an aquarium and they’ve named all the fish.

It was Xander’s favorite.

Only been here for a day, great food, great scenery. Can’t wait to capture more!

Hair Change

I have been getting my hair colored professionally (consistently) for the past year. Having a 2 year old and a full time job, well you find yourself with the little time on your hands to take care of such things like this. Luckily I have found the most perfect hairdresser- she’s a doll.

I get my hair ombred, every 6 months, very low maintenance, and looks great. I’ve gone the lightest I have ever gone this year, didn’t think my black hair could change like that!

Here I am, on vacation in Idaho (August) with a fresh cut and color – I loved it!!!

After a few shampoos, I started to notice a darker red, brass color to my hair. I’ve also noticed my hair being more fragile to the touch (breakage) and such was known coming with my type of hair and the heat that I put on it every now and then. My hair always needs extra TLC.

We celebrated Thanksgiving early so I can spend it with my brother and sister since Will and I are going out of town. Here, I noticed my hair needed an upgrade!




I overslept leaving little time for properly blow drying my hair, but the PJs? Thanksgiving should always be eaten in PJs. Period.

Notice the brassy color to my hair. It was time! Now as I said, I get my hair professionally done, but if I had to do a touch up like I am doing now, I always recommend L’Oreal Hair color.

This is the color I used.

Image result for loreal hair feria golden brown

I wanted to still keep my ombre look, but take the brass out.

It Worked! With some extra conditioning and love from the blowdryer, lol it turned out even more perfect than I imagined.
Notice the how the color blended perfect!


Here’s a side by side comparison – notice the brassy change. If you color your hair at home, or have a friend do it, I recommend the L’Oreal Feria brand. Their colors are great and it’s easy to apply! I also love their conditioner the box comes with!


Khmer Lok Lak

My Mother has always told me to watch her cook. “You’re not going to live with me for the rest of your life..and you will be hungry for this..” I never listened, I mean I was 8…WHO is listening at 8?

Now I’m 32 and I’m HUNGRY. I’m hungry for my Grandmother’s chicken and my Mom’s cooking. I’m so fortunate to still have my mother in my life – so here goes the cooking.

Here is my favorite. Khmer Lok Lak – consist of Beef and lots of veggies. I modified this a bit – because tomatoes now give me heartburn and my husband actually doesn’t like onions, so we stuck with cucumbers and lettuce only.

Now we always have been cooking this, I finally started to pay attention to how much of things I put I can actually tell others, how I cook it.

Here is what you need:


  • 1lb of beef – if you use more add more of the ingredients below
  • 3 garlic cloves – minced
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 1 tsp black pepper

Stir Fry Sauce: 

  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 tsp corn starch
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil (depending on your frying pan size)

Salad: (as read above- optional) 

  • 1 bunch of iceberg lettuce
  • 2 cups of tomatoe
  • 2 large cucumber sliced
  • 1 med size red onion
  • 4 scallions

Let’s start!!

Step 1:

Mix beef and marinade together. This is great if you can set to marinade for more than 1 hour…overnight is EXCELLENT if you can.

Step 2:

Arrange your salad on platter and set aside in the fridge.

Step 3:

In high heat on your frying pan, add about 2 tbsp of oil or more, when it is smoking hot, add beef.

Step 4:

Add stir fry sauce, and let it boil to a thick brown sauce. This will only be about 1 – 2 min depending on the thickness you cut the meat.

Step 5:

Pour over salad (in this case, I poured two different plates)

I hope you enjoy!



All recipes are from word of mouth from my mother. I do not claim to own these recipes, only to cook and take pictures of them for you.