Run with Fran

Run Fran Run! Good Morning! Up and at it, I slept very well last night which is something I have to brag about because some nights I don’t sleep well at all.

As some of you know, I restarted Crossfit as part of my exercise routine. I had a hard time choosing which WOD I wanted to do today, but then I remembered why I loved Crossfit so much. It’s all about modification, and giving yourself a total body condition. Also, something new I even learned about Crossfit: yes, Crossfit is timed to push yourself, but remember to listen to your body and always, always FINISH the wod. Never give up. It doesn’t matter what time you get, it matters that you finished your workout. This is only a competition with yourself and about comparing your time from before.

I found this workout on Pinterest – and I thought, hey I remember Fran- she’s alright. Until I started doing those Thrusters…oh Fran..NOW I remember you very clearly.

Those Thrusters…can wake you up REAL quick. I modified my workout since this is about my 4th time working out from a month break.


400m Run

Dumbell Thrusters 15 lbs (30 lbs total)

Modified Pull up (Olympic Rings)

Total time: 21:22

Surprised me, I figured I would have taken a longer time than that, I took a lot of breaks and was very careful about moving around my garage. We are moving, and there are boxes everywhere – seriously- it’s a gym member’s nightmare to workout in that, but I’m doing what I have to do. I felt more energized as well- with it only being my 4th day heavily exercising- I’m surprised my body is adapting like it use to, remembering its movement.

AM Seflie for ya

Did you workout today? Any crossfit WODs anyone wants to try out with me?


Best Run Today!

Ever feel so good after a good walk, or workout? Those are the endorphins that most people like myself are addicted to.

These endorphins release after I’ve had a great workout, especially when I’m running. This is what everyone calls the “runner’s high.”

I ran during my lunch break – and I feel great! Another perk working at home, going through a great workout and having the time to shower and get clocked back into work! My running is improving, I had a hard time getting back into running after I delivered my son. My feet seemed to hurt even more than usual, I unfortunately inherited a bad case of bunions on my feet and the more stress I place on them while working out – the more they hurt every now and then. So I pace myself, take breaks when I need to and go at my own personal time. So far, so good. If anyone has any care remedies for bunions – let me know, I’d sure love to hear them!

Today is my HIIT cardio day and its done! What’s your workout day?