My Own Fairy Tale

I met Will in 2006 on a site called MySpace…if you remember that then we are on the same I was 20, and was out of a bad, toxic relationship. I had pushed all my friends away, made my family angry with me, and I was filled with lots of regret. My world was very very dark, and I was so lost. I felt so alone at times. My intentions, going on MySpace was not to find the love of my life as I lived in Kentucky and Will lived in Washington state.

This was Will’s ringtone when he called me on my “flip phone” lol.

My first thought was, this is good, we can be friends and in no way could I possibly meet this guy. I mean it was 2006, I could barely text the guy unless it was past 9pm. Boy was I wrong. We had been seeing each other on Yahoo Messenger Рwebcam, and talked almost everyday, we was starting to become closer and really good friends. I could tell Will anything, maybe I was more bolder because he lived so far away, I mean who cares what he thought of me Рyou live SO far away. That summer I planned a trip to Disney World alone, and I jokingly invited Will, I mean how can he come with no planning to the most (expensive) happiest place on earth? Will took my invitation and I met him for the first time face to face in Nashville Airport. Awkward? Not really, I was meeting my best friend.

Will and I returned back to Disney back in 2014 – pictured here with our niece.

After our week long trip in Disney World we couldn’t lie to each other anymore. I was in love and I couldn’t be without him. I had just turned 21, wasn’t going to school, had less than 100 dollars to my name, and had no idea what I wanted in life, but all I wanted was to be with him.

I kept hearing this song during this time…so unsure if I was going to be with Will, or if he even wanted to be with me.

Will came to stay with me for a few months in Kentucky and I went to stay with him in Washington for a few months. We met each others family and decided to move back to Tennessee the summer of 2007.

We took our son to Disneyland for the first time in March 2017. He had a blast (Another selfie taken by me)
We were so excited!

2 apartments, 5 cars, 2 homes and a baby in 2015, these are truly the best days of our lives.