Sewing in Shorts

This may be the easy way out of it. I was heavier when I was pregnant (naturally) with Xander and I’m proud to say, I’ve lost weight. So I have these shorts that I just LOVE. I adore these shorts, they are GAP brand and I love their material.

So I did my normal thing – and googled, pinterest, went on youtube. I sat there and I thought, yes, I can do this. So I’ll show you how I sewed in my shorts.

This is like my favorite pic…when you lost weight Right?

I Safety pin my jeans in place

Then I use chalk to draw out how much I want to cinch in, I use a measuring tape to size it.

Then simply sew. Here is the part that I’m going to say, do as I say, and not as I do. A sewing machine would be WONDERFUL. Plus you’re working with jeans, the material is a lot tougher. This time I worked with my hands, and I sewed with them, it took much longer but the results are still the same.

Fits perfect! I love it, and you can’t tell.

Now from the side, and thanks to my most awesome camera showing you every little detail in great focus- you can see where I have folded and sewed. Not unless you crook your neck and are about inches away from my bum, you’re not going to be able to see this. This works for me!

Have you tried this?