Will and I got interested in Crossfit years ago- since then we have always appreciated the technique and the athletes. Recently, the Crossfit games 2017 aired on ESPN and I got inspired again to start crossfit.

I just got back from vacation- it was great to see the family, but I was ready to be back home and start my workouts and eating healthy again. That’s what vacation is for- a vacation from life and everything.

Congrats on the male and female crossfit winners of 2017




We are moving, so this means boxes are being piled up everywhere and I can’t lie- part of me wanted to say “Start your workouts fresh in your new home” but I couldn’t do that to myself. I’ve been eating junk all week being on vacation, well deserved but it’s time to get back into focus. I made room in that now tiny garage and no regrets.


Time: 32:00 Min

I wasn’t sure if I was going to time myself. Wasn’t sure if I needed that on the back of my neck, but I wanted to make sure I was getting the benefits of Crossfit. I went ahead and timed myself, and I mentally made sure that I completed each exercise thoroughly for my own benefit and safely. It’s very easy to get carried away with Crossfit and injure yourself.

It felt good to run again, and it felt good to push my muscles that way again.

Best Run Today!

Ever feel so good after a good walk, or workout? Those are the endorphins that most people like myself are addicted to.

These endorphins release after I’ve had a great workout, especially when I’m running. This is what everyone calls the “runner’s high.”

I ran during my lunch break – and I feel great! Another perk working at home, going through a great workout and having the time to shower and get clocked back into work! My running is improving, I had a hard time getting back into running after I delivered my son. My feet seemed to hurt even more than usual, I unfortunately inherited a bad case of bunions on my feet and the more stress I place on them while working out – the more they hurt every now and then. So I pace myself, take breaks when I need to and go at my own personal time. So far, so good. If anyone has any care remedies for bunions – let me know, I’d sure love to hear them!

Today is my HIIT cardio day and its done! What’s your workout day?