I will always take a picture with you

There are lots of time I never want my photo taken with Xander. I’m too out of shape, I have no make up on, I’m EXHAUSTED, what exactly am I wearing?, did I even brush my teeth?! Then I realized there are moments that will never happen again, moments that are shared between me and my son that we will always have. Always have a camera around, if you’re ever so lucky to capture those moments, and freeze time.

Everyday I’m getting older, and everyday Xander is getting older. We will never be what we were yesterday. So it doesn’t matter what you look like, TAKE those photos. A picture takes an instant out of time, altering life and holding it still.

Growing More and More

Its different with a 1 year old. Every day is different. I can’t predict his eating habits, his sleep habits or his interests in things. We just got back from Xander’s 18 month check up and everything is well! Xander is not quite walking yet, but showing our doctor how he stands and lets go of things, she said its going to be in no time that he will start running! I’m excited and scared.

Xander’s personality is showing more. He like to copy a lot of things we do, he’s very interested in our cell phones and especially our computer keyboards that we are on. (I have to write this while he is taking a nap!) My parents and in laws have been FaceTiming us ever since Xander was born and just now, when he hears a ring on our phones, he’s showing interest that he understands one of his grandparents is on the other line! Xander responds back to questions and actions we do in front of him. His favorite thing to do right now is saying “Yay” and clapping his hands.

I can’t wait to show you more pictures of him progressing, and soon will show you when he takes his first steps!

How old was your child when they started walking?

Happy Easter

We hope everyone had a safe and Happy Easter.

Xander didn’t sleep too well the night before, and we had family over. He didn’t quite get the sleep he really wanted. These were probably the fastest pictures I have ever taken with him, literally only took 5 min. He was not in a good mood and I was able to capture none of that…except this one.


He was just SO done with pictures then!!


What truly inspires you? What gets your feet out the bed? What exactly talks you out of NOT calling out of work? We all have different inspirations; idols, celebrities, family, and it all comes down to one thing: what matters to you.

Meet my inspiration.

Only weighing at 26 pounds and being on this earth for 17 months….this kid moves mountains for me.

Alexander Sarin Robinson entered our lives November 2nd, 2015- and our world hasn’t been the same. We have learned so much since Xander came in our lives.

Follow me in my adventures of the not so perfect mother…all my mistakes and accomplishments, even if its making it through the day without getting food or milk on me…