We were so very lucky to take Xander to one of our most favorite places ever- DisneyLand. We have always been to DisneyWorld, but not Disneyland in CA. Our Uncle lives there and we were able to visit and stay with them.

Disney Land is truly the most happiest place ever- and with Xander being only 1, he was still able to ride most of all rides. Most importantly, DisneyLand offers Riderswitch service which allows parents to switch off and ride while the other watches your child. I thought it would get lonely, but it doesn’t – it was just fine riding the rides, knowing my child was having fun too in Disney.

We brought our own stroller. With lots of internet searching, I saw that Disney does provide strollers, but nothing comfortable for your child, to take a nap in. During this time, Xander usually takes 1 -2 naps a day. I jumped on Facebook Marketplace and found a jogging stroller nearby that I could bring on the airport with us. Something I do not regret one bit. The stroller was strong enough to hold all of Xander’s things needed, diapers, wipes, sippy cup and snacks. I recommend this.

One of my favorite things about Disneyland? The Babycenter! DisneyLand offers a Babycenter where it’s quiet, you can breast feed, feed, change and have time with your child. Also the place offers formula, juice, baby food and even pacifiers for sale. Reminder: the babycenter only takes cash.

Xander’s first ride! Alice and Wonderland!

Here are the rest of some of my favorite pictures in DisneyLand – I didn’t want this magical day to end.


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