Who else uses Vinegar like this? I use Vinegar to clean almost everything in the house. Mainly I use vinegar to clean my containers that I hold milk in for the baby. Let’s face it, as much as a super mom I would like to be, sometimes I forget to clean milk immediately out of a container. We all have smelled that…YUCK.

I normally use Distilled White Vinegar
Now I add just vinegar and water to the container and let sit for a day. It KILLS all the smell, make sure you have cleaned out the bottle first. You don’t have to add much vinegar, but however much vinegar you add, add twice as much water – and shake it around. After, cleanse it once more and there is no sour milk smell or vinegar smell!

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I’ve heard of others cleaning the garbage disposal with vinegar, even the toilet. Any other vinegar suggestions! I like to hear them!

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