We took a trip for Will’s Spring Break to visit our Uncle and Aunt in Corona, CA. California is such a beautiful place, I will always come back to visit. The food, the scenery and the people, such a different pace from Nashville and I like it!

Not only did we get to go to Disneyland (Xander’s first time) we got to visit Catalina Island. Click here to see our pictures in Disneyland! I fell in LOVE with the place. Lying southwest of Los Angeles, Santa Catalina is one of California’s Channel Islands. With a population of only 4 thousand people, I can tell why people would love to come visit here, get away, and have your own private vacation. We rode the Catalina Express, about an hour and half trip to get there and spent the day with the family.

Our first stop was getting to the island. Pictures of our time on the Catalina Express.

There are no cars driven in Catalina – all golf carts in the city.


We got to ride the Glass Bottom Boat Voyage. We saw through the crystal clear water while riding the boat, it was such an amazing experience for Xander!

We rented golf carts and rode them around the place. They even had car seats for kids! Xander safely was secure while we drove around.

Here are some more pictures I got while riding around.

We were so lucky to have the opportunity to visit a place like Catalina Island.

Here’s my favorite photo. A picture of me taking a picture of us, while getting a picture of Aunt Patty taking a picture of Uncle Jay!

Thank you for allowing me to share my trip to Catalina Island. I hope I get to return here, I loved it so much! Have you been to Catalina Island?

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