We are at it again! Goals are being succeeded with all the family travels we have been doing since Xander has been born. Luckily we have family that lives near places that we are able to travel to.

We have always been to Boise, ID. This is where our cousins and Grandmother live. Since my new found love of blogging, I finally now get to share it with you! About 10 years ago, I first met Will’s cousin and Grandmother when we were traveling by car from WA state to Kentucky!! Boy was that a drive. Grandma took us to Boise Zoo. Now, 11 years with a child of our own, we are revisiting the zoo. Unfortunately Grandma didn’t come with us, it was pretty hot and Grandma doesn’t do much walking around these days, she’s earned her resting time.

Our Nephew Lyle, Me and my Husband

The zoo is a wonderful place for photographers – great photos to take everywhere. Being a photographer and trying to chase your son around? Ehh…it wasn’t all that great but I tried my best!

We entered a very special and fragile area- the butterfly section. Lily loved it, but I was so concerned I would move or accidentally swipe off a butterfly and kill them! They had orange slices to keep the butterflies occupied and to pose for my camera!

So much fun! The weather was hot, but I never complain. I prefer hot rather than cold. This summer I’ll be able to visit our local zoo, in Grassmere. Photos soon to come!

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