“What’s the correct way to answer your wife?” Uncle Jim asks Will.

We’re having dinner in our Uncle and Aunts home in Midland,Tx. The next day will Be November 19th, 2017, exactly 34 years ago here in Midland, Tx Will was born. We get to revisit homes, and places his mother grew up in.

So what’s the correct answer? “Yes Dear” says Uncle Jim with a wink. I take another bite of my delicious chicken fajitas that Aunt Shirley cooked and thought- “smart man”.

We are tired. We took a early early plane ride at 525AM just so we can arrive to see our family earlier. Not so sure if I’ll do that again. Xander has always been wonderful in planes. Actually, this is his third plane ride this year alone. But we always have to be mindful- Xander is getting older and that mind is getting more curious I was wondering if he rather walk around than sit in his seat.

At 2 years old, southwest requires you to buy the child their own ticket. Wonderful that us three get to sit together but the rules are, the child must be seat belted when required to. Xander did not like that. We were up early and Xander wanted nothing but to be in my lap. He cried, he wailed and we got a lot of dirty looks from passengers. It’s over now.

Our first visit we went to see Will’s grandparents house. Last time Will was there he was 6, so he vaguely remembers.


How cute I even got Xander in the shot!

We went to visit Aunt Shirley’s job after hours. I got a great view of the city.

This is her view for work? Beautiful! I shot looking down- this is what I got..

I heard clicking and tapping- I turned to look and immediately start telling Xander to stop but wait is that-


TYPEWRITER?! It is! And according to Aunt Shirley it’s in great use.

Shirley’s job has an aquarium and they’ve named all the fish.

It was Xander’s favorite.

Only been here for a day, great food, great scenery. Can’t wait to capture more!

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