Michelle Mean Photography


Santa brought me some new lighting, and I had some fun with the family over the Christmas break. For pricing and services I offer with the booth, check out here.


Little Baby Bum

Xander’s Favorite show on YouTube is Little Baby Bum. They are very fun and educational. Wanted to share the channel so you would follow too! They even have an option to purchase and download their videos, it was very useful…


Dennis the Menace Park

A park of memories. Will was so excited to show me the park he grew up in. “Wow,” I joked, they actually have that park still standing? Not very many of us gets to take our kids to our birthplace…


Boise Zoo

We are at it again! Goals are being succeeded with all the family travels we have been doing since Xander has been born. Luckily we have family that lives near places that we are able to travel to. We have…


Catalina Island

We took a trip for Will’s Spring Break to visit our Uncle and Aunt in Corona, CA. California is such a beautiful place, I will always come back to visit. The food, the scenery and the people, such a different…


The Most Happiest Place on Earth

Where you can be a kid again. Disney had it right, a place where dreams come true and every child can be happy. My life first changed when I went to Disney many years ago with Will. Click here to…