My Favorite Things

I love to Crochet. Something about making a product with my hands, the time and energy it takes. I love making blankets for friends and family. Its a favorite past time of mine. Do you like these gloves? My friend…

Michelle Mean Photography

Christmas Photos

What is it about Christmas that you love? Family, Fun and Food. These pictures bring such a warmth to my heart. It was so much taking pictures for my sister and niece. Christmas pictures doesn’t have to be in front…

Michelle Mean Photography


Taking pictures for Lauren this day reminded me the reason I loved photography. Taking pictures for family, is never just business, you become friends,  you become part of the family. You start to know one another personally. Lauren’s Father in…


Dennis the Menace Park

A park of memories. Will was so excited to show me the park he grew up in. “Wow,” I joked, they actually have that park still standing? Not very many of us gets to take our kids to our birthplace…

Michelle Mean Photography


Spontaneous. What I love most about taking family portraits, just spontaneous shots. Kids are so much fun. Scheduling shoots to be about an hour or so gives enough time for the kids and even adults warm up to the camera….

Michelle Mean Photography

Alex, for the record

I am so proud to be Alex’s friend. Alex attempted a world record for pulling a car the farthest in a wheelchair. This wasn’t just for a record. Alex is part of Liftwithpurpose.com, supporting those with disabilities. Lift With Purpose uses…

Michelle Mean Photography

Rhodes Family

I had so much fun with Synoon and her lovely family! I just love it when the kids show us their fun side! When is the last time you took family photos? Contact me if you’re in the area! I’d…

Michelle Mean Photography

Haley Flowers

Sweet Sweet 16. Turning 16 is a huge milestone in a person’s life. Celebrating with a photoshoot is the best way to capture it. Not a girl, but not yet a woman. So sweet! Thank you Haley!