Meet Michelle


What happens when you're the photographer and you need photos? Insert Selfie -> Here <- I took the photo above with a tripod and a self timer. Other than providing lots of self portraits on my blog, I'd love to share with you my personal photography from clients, travels, beauty and much more. I have been residing in Tennessee for 10 years with my beautiful son Xander and my husband Will. Life is good. I enjoy fun nights with friends, crocheting, hiking, fitness, much more and I recently just got into wine drinking - ooh so fancy lol.

What got you into Photography?

Ever since I was little, I always loved to take pictures. Through pictures, I love to express the emotions, the feelings you get from a photo. I love capturing time, freezing it forever and keeping it.
Pictured: My favorite model, my son Xander

Where do you shoot photos?

Anywhere! I take photos in my own studio, or any reasonable location you want! My best locations are outside at parks, client's homes, and in my studio with selected backdrops. 


I offer a wide range of services focused on creativity and originality. I'm open for any suggestions on photoshoots, just contact me let's chat! Click here for services and pricing.

My Own Fairy Tale

I met Will in 2006 on a site called MySpace...if you remember that then we are on the same I was 20, and was out of a bad, toxic relationship. I had pushed all my Read More

What Equipment do you use?

My favorite camera is my Olympus Pen. It's small compact and great to travel with. I have lighting with some backdrops for my studio and depending on where I travel, I can take my lighting equipment with me. I always carry my tripod with me, and I wear my camera sling. 


My muse, my inspiration and the reason I smile everyday. My son has given me so much in just the 2 years he's been on this earth. Xander, Mommy Loves you More than you will ever know.